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CAMS Key Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Research




The CAMS Key Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Research, approved by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2018. The laboratory’s research focuses on discovery of innovative antiviral drugs against major and emerging/re-emerging viruses. The specific aims are to establishment of the antiviral screening and pharmacological evaluation system, construction of drug-like compounds library through optimization compounds with new mechanism and new structure, and discovery of new target by understanding viral pathogenesis and identification mechanisms of potential drugs.

Areas of Research

1. Discovery of broad-spectrum antiviral drug directly acting antivirals for RNA virus.

2. Discovery of broad-spectrum antiviral drug - host-targeting agent for RNA virus.

3. Discovery of antiviral drug against hepatitis B virus.

Research Teams

Currently, the laboratory is composed of 4 research groups, Yuhuan Li is the laboratory director, and Jiandong Jiang is the laboratory director of Academic Committee.