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Department of Immunology

The laboratory of immunobiology was founded in 1992 and was presided over by Prof. Siying Li (Director) and Prof. Zhongxun Liu (Deputy Director). In 2009, the Institute reorganized the division, with Dr. Shan Cen as its new director. There are currently 12 employees in the laboratory, including 2 senior, 3 associate, 5 assistant research scientists as well as 2 research assistants. The laboratory focuses on the basic research of pathogenic viruses and the application research of antiviral drugs, and is at an advanced level in the development of antiviral drugs by using host antiviral innate immunity. In recent years, it has become a new growth point for the development of the Department to continuously strengthen the scientific research force in the direction of computational chemistry and bioinformatics. In the past ten years, the laboratory has undertaken one national major scientific research plan, two key R & D plans, five major new drug projects, three major infectious diseases projects, 20 national natural science foundation projects, three international cooperation projects of the Ministry of science and technology, as well as a number of drug evaluation and development projects, published more than 150 articles and authorized more than 30 patents. 22 doctors and 25 masters were trained. The main research directions include: (1) basic research on the virus-host interactions and their biological functions and mechanisms; 2) The intracellular antiviral innate immunity and escape mechanism of the virus; (3) New drug development strategy, discovery and determination of new durg targets, establishment of screening model and discovery of antiviral drugs; (4) Preclinical efficacy evaluation and mechanism study of antiviral drugs; (5) Rational design of drug molecules and optimization of lead compounds based on structure; (6) The development of protein binding site overlap and multi-target drug design methods, as well as the establishment and maintenance of multi-target drug database.