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Name:ZHAO Wuli


Tel: (8610)83166673


Education & Research Experience

2007/09 - 2010/07: Chinese Academy of Medical Science, doctor, tutor, Rongguang Shao;

2000/09 - 2003/07: Tianjin Medical University, immunology, postergraduate, tutor, Zhi Yao;

1994/09 -1999/07: Tianjin Medical University, clinical medicine, undergraduate

Work experience

2010/09 – to date, Laboratory of Oncology, Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Medical Science

Research Field

1. Screening of targeted anticancer compounds and mechanical research

2. Functional and molecular signal pathway Study of cancer gene in tumor occurrence and development

Research Interests

Get the Ph. degree of Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Medical Science in July 2010. I was engaged in the role of oncogene in the development of leukemia during doctoral study, and performed signal pathway research and a lot of assays in vivo or in vitro to detect biological activity. After Ph.D graduate I carried out screening research of anticancer drug targeting topoisomerase. I chaired the National Natural Science Foundation of a “Study of anticancer activity and mechanism of RasGAP peptide derivatives against G3BP” (Grant No. 81102464), Institutes fund ”Study of Design, synthesis and anticancer activity of benzophenanthridine derivatives” and sub-project “Anticancer effect and molecular mechanisms study of the novel nano from state key development project “Research and development of the novel nano drug against tumor according to clinical demands” (Grant No. 2016YF0201500). Recent 5 years published 21 papers and among them 15 SCI papers were published as first author.

Selected Publications

1 Wang JX, Chen MH, Wang MY, Zhao WX, Zhao WL, Si SY, Shao RG. The novel ER stress inducer Sec C triggers apoptosis by sulfating ER cysteine residues and degrading YAP via ER stress in pancreatic cancer cells. Acta Pharmacol Sin B 2021 (In Press) (IF: 11.6).

2 Zhao WL, Liu H, Wang J, Wang M, Shao R. Cyclizing-berberine A35 induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis by activating YAP phosphorylation (Ser127). J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2018; 37: 98. (IF: 7.068)

3 ZhaoWX, Wang MY, Zhao WX, Zhao WL, Shao RG et al., Transcriptional co-activators YAP/TAZ: potential therapeutic targets for metastatic breast cancer. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2021. 133: p. 110956. ( IF: 6.521)

4 Zhao WL, Xing Y, Ye C, Qiu YH, Li Y, Liu XJ, et al. The novel quinolizidine derivate IMB-HDC inhibits STAT5a phosphorylation at 694 and 780 and promotes DNA breakage and cell apoptosis via blocking STAT5a nuclear translocation. Acta Pharmacol Sin 2020; 41: 686-97. (IF: 6.530)

5 Qiu, YH. Zhao WL, Shao RG, et al., Mitochondria autophagy: a potential target for cancer therapy. Journal of Drug Targeting, 2021. 29(6): p. 576-591.Wang MY, Qiu YH, Cai ML, Zhang CH, Wang XW, Liu H, Zhao WL, et al. Role and molecular mechanism of stem cells in colorectal cancer initiation. J Drug Target 2020; 28: 1-10. (IF: 5.124)

6 Wang, X, Zhao WL, Shao RG., et al., Endocytosis and Organelle Targeting of Nanomedicines in Cancer Therapy. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2020. 15: p. 9447. (6.404).

7 Cai ML, Wang MY, Zhang CH, Wang JX, Liu H, He HW, Zhao WL, et al. Role of co- and post-translational modifications of SFKs in their kinase activation. J Drug Target 2020; 28: 23-32. (IF: 5.124).

8 Zhang CH, Wang JX, Cai ML, Shao R, Liu H, Zhao WL. The roles and mechanisms of G3BP1 in tumour promotion. J Drug Target 2019; 27: 300-5. (IF: 5.124)

9 Wang J, Zhao WL, Liu H, He H, Shao R. Myofibrillogenesis regulator 1 (MR-1): a potential therapeutic target for cancer and PNKD. J Drug Target 2018; 26: 643-8. (IF: 5.08)

10 Zhao WL, He H, Ren K, Li B, Zhang H, Lin Y, et al. MR-1 blocks the megakaryocytic differentiation and transition of CML from chronic phase to blast crisis through MEK dephosphorylation. Blood Cancer J 2013; 3: e107. (IF: 8.023)

Awards and Honors

2016 11th Supreme Science and Technology Award , society of pharmacology

2013 7th Excellent paper award, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica

Academic Appointments

Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology (IF:4.1), member of editorial board

Animal Models and Experimental Medicine (IF: 2.3),member of editorial board