Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy

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  • CHEN Minghua

    Natural Medicinal Chemistry—Bioactive compounds from terrestrial microorganisms and Traditional Chin...

  • CHEN Xiaofang

    Study on anti-infection and atherosclerosis compounds.

  • DU Yu

    New Potential Drug Target for The Prevention of Atherosclerosis.

  • GONG Jianghua

    Tumor Immunology inhibitor; targeted protein discovery of small molecular anticancer drugs; antibody...

  • HE Weiqing

    Microbial medicine optimized by synthetic biology

  • JIANG Bingya

    Isolation, structural identification, structural modification and bioactivity of natural products

  • JIANG Zhongke

    Prospecting of pharmaceutical microorganisms, and discovering novel antibiotics from microbes, espec...

  • LI Guoqing

    Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Amino acid metabolism

  • LI Xiaoyu

    Anti-viral drug research, Endogenous retrovirus (retrotransposon) research

  • LI Yan

    Discovery of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial antibiotics and the pharmacological study of antibiotics

  • LI Yanping

    Discovery of new molecule entities and thereof pharmaceutical application.

  • LI Yinghong

    Medicinal chemistry and chemobiological studies on anti-bacterial and anti-tumor drugs

  • LIU Mingliang

    Anti-infections; Anti-tumor; Drug Discovery

  • LIU Shaowei

    Bioprospecting of pharmaceutical actinobacteria from special environments and development of new str...

  • LIU Xiujun

    Oncological Pharmacology and Antibody Engineering.

  • LIU Yishuang

    New drugs against drug-resistant gram negative bacteria and tuberculosis.

  • LU Xi

    Discovery, pharmacodynamics and mechanism of action of antibacterial agents; design and research of ...

  • LV Kai

    Drug discovery; Antivirus research; Antitubercular research; Antibacterial research

  • MIAO Qingfang

    Molecular-targeted cancer therapeutics, antibody-based drugs

  • PANG Jing

    Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology of antimicrobial agent