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  • PANG Jing

    Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology of antimicrobial agent

  • SHAN Guangzhi

    Pharmaceutical analysis:Development of analytical methods for biological drugs; Impurity identificat...

  • SHENG Weijin

    1) Anti-tumor recombinant protein;2) Antibody drug conjugate; 3) Immunotherapy drugs for tumor

  • WANG Apeng

    Our research interests mainly focuse on pharmaceutical chemistry research of antibacterial, antivira...

  • WANG Jing

    Basic research in virology and application of antiviral drugs

  • WANG Li

    The discovery and the development of anti-atherosclerosis drugs.

  • WANG Lifei

    1. Discovery of new targets for tumor immunotherapy 2. Research on the synthesis biology of secondar...

  • WANG Xiukun

    Pharmacodynamic study of antibacterial agents and mechanisms of antibacterial immunity

  • WU Shuo

    Antiviral pharmacology