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Thinking together to promote Chineses pharmaceutical development, the First Chinese Pharmaceutical Development Conference held in Beijing




The First Chinese Pharmaceutical Development Conference was held February 26-27, 2022 in the No. 1 auditorium of Peking Union Medical College with a history of one hundred years. The conference was attended by 47 academicians, 18 of whom served as academic advisers. Li Qing, vice president of Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (PUMC&CAMS), presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

Thinking together to promote the great development of Chinese pharmaceutical specialty was set as the theme of the conference. It strives to integrate the achievements of government, production, learning, research and application, centers around the development goals of China's pharmaceutical specialty proposed for the 14th five-year plan, focuses on the task of giving priority to protect people's health, discusses the development power and future direction of pharmaceutical specialty from multiple angles, and designs the blueprint and of pharmaceutical development in China.

At the opening ceremony, Guowei Sang, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, former chairman of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering sent a congratulatory letter, which was read aloud by Fenghong Qu, deputy secretary general of the CPPCC and vice chairman of the 16th Central Committee of the Rural Labor Party. Sang expresses his warm congratulations to the conference, and pointed out that 2022 is the key year for the implementation of the 14th five-year plan. The convening of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Development Conference is timely and will have a significant and far-reaching impact on accelerating the construction of a new pattern for chinses pharmaceutical specialty and indicate a new spring of its high-quality development.


Actively participate in and take responsibility, and give play to the role of the main force and new force of medical scientific and technological innovation; Implement the spirit of the central talent work conference, cultivate the literacy and ability of strategic scientists, and create an environment for recognizing, loving, respecting and using talents; Put forward insights in the forward-looking guidance of pharmaceutical development, interdisciplinary and technological integration, basic work layout, collaborative research of large troops and regiments, promote the formation of important academic consensus and joint efforts, and lead the future of pharmaceutical industry.

Wei He, vice chairman of CPPCC and executive vice chairman of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, said in his speech that the endeavor made by PUMC&CAMS to launch a strategic, forward-looking and basic research on important medical fields, is a good practice of implementing the important instructions proposed by Chairman Jinping Xi.


Chen Wang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of PUMC&CAMS, explained the core significance of the conference from a strategic perspective and pointed out that the pharmaceutical specialty is characterized by interdisciplinary, knowledge intensive and capital intensive. The purpose of the conference is to lead the integration of academic, technology, industry and society and create a new pattern of pharmaceutical development. As a national medical research institution and the hard-core base of the national medical science and technology innovation system, CAMS has the responsibility and mission to think, plan and act for the development of the country and the nation, so that the Chinese pharmaceutical development can get its place and rapid development, and protect the life and health of the Chinese nation and even the whole mankind.


Xianze Sun, deputy director of the education, science, health and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), said that CPA is willing to work with CAMS to jointly promote the high-quality development of pharmaceutical specialty. It will continue to unite and mobilize pharmaceutical workers to strengthen Industry-University-Institute cooperation, accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements, seize the strategic opportunities in the new era and create a new pattern of industrial development, so as to make due contributions on the realization of the "healthy China" goal as well as promotion of the transformation from a large pharmaceutical manufacturing country to a powerful pharmaceutical innovation country.


Jinhui Gu, deputy director of the department of science and education of the National Health Commission, reviewed the important achievements of major scientific and technological projects during the 13th five-year plan period, and pointed out the outstanding problems to be solved urgently in China's innovative drug research and development. He encouraged CAMS continue to strengthen collaborative innovation, continuously promote the construction of core bases, improve the operation mechanism and medical science and technology innovation system, and become a powerhouse for  the field of drug research and development in China.


Rui Wang, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, executive director of the Institute of Materia Medica, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and vice president of Lanzhou University, stressed that the pharmaceutical discipline of Peking Union Medical College has a glorious history with the world-class scientists and scientific achievements. Standing at a new historical starting point, pharmacists are duty bound to shoulder the heavy responsibility. We should further adhere to the demand- and problem- orientation, dare to break the rigid discipline boundaries, and actively promote the cross integration of disciplines. We must focus on the vital-real issues, serve major national requirements, deeply promote organized scientific research, and comprehensively improve the scientific and technological capacity to serve the national strategy. On behalf of the organizers of the conference, he appealed that the guests and experts could strengthen the ideological collision through exchanges, guide the gathering of various resources such as production, learning, research and use to the pharmaceutical field, and draw a new blueprint for the pharmaceutical development of China.


After the opening ceremony, academician Chen Wang made a keynote report on "Some problems and countermeasures in the pharmaceutical development ". He pointed out that pharmacy is directly related to people's health and well-being and should focus on the themes of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, control, treatment and health. He discussed the origin and path of pharmaceutical research from the aspects of drug research and development, drug preparation, drug production, clinical research as well as clinical examinations, and analyzed the problems existing in all aspects of pharmaceutical development, and put forward the solving strategies and directions.

Academician Boli Zhang, Xiongli Yang and Kaixian Chen successively gave presentations on the conference with the topics of "Contribution and thinking of traditional Chinese medicine in combating COVID-19", "Thoughts on the research and development of nervous system drugs" and "Review and prospect of China's biomedical innovation and development", respectively.

Thinking together to promote the of Chinses pharmaceutical development. Focusing on multiple angels, such as discipline integration, clinical research, industrial development, policy management and industry ecological construction, this conference greatly helped to promote the healthy development of China's pharmaceutical specilaty and achieved the expected results. In the process of building a modern country in an all-round way, China's pharmaceutical industry should continue to improve its academic level, industrial level and core competitiveness, and establish an international positioning system with Chinese characteristics. It is hoped that this conference will be a new starting point for the pharmaceutical development.

Academician Chen Wang, Rui Wang and Jiandong Jiang served as the chairmen of the conference. The conference was hosted by CAMS, organized by Institute of Materia Medica, Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Institute of Medical Biology and the Institute of Drug and Medical Device Ssupervision, and supported by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

Academician Jiandong Jiang from our institute served as the chairman of the conference, and presided over the report unit of "new drug creation, frontie technology, and drug supervision" and made a key-note report on "Research process of antiviral drugs and anti-coronavirus prevention and treatment"; Director Yongsheng Che, together with academician Rui Wang, jointly presided over the report unit of the conference and made a key-note report on "Imitation and innovation of antibiotics".

The conference was held online and offline simultaneously for one and a half days, and nearly 74000 people from pharmaceutical colleagues and the public watched it online. The teachers and students of our institute attended the meeting online, and gave enthusiastic responses.