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The development of new class of antibacterial drug IMB-1901 associated with IMB and Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd




Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College (IMB) has signed an agreement with Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd on Dec 4th 2020. “The Cooperative development agreement of IMB-1901 class-I antimicrobial new drug” has been signed with both parties in Beijing. Multiple principals of IMB including vice director Yongsheng Che and Zhuorong Li, the director of Scientific Research Department Fengnian  Sheng, the director of business development Department Guifang Wang, as well as the project leaders Dr. Xuefu You and Dr. Yucheng Wang participated at the signing ceremony. Several principals of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co. also attended the ceremony including the vice manager Shaohua Zhao, the vice president of Research Institute Yanxia Du, and the vice president of chemical medicine Lei Wang. The signing ceremony was presided over by Zhuorong Li, the vice-president of IMB.

The Cooperative development agreement of class-I antimicrobial new drug IMB-1901 has been signed by the vice director Yongsheng Che and the vice manager Shaohua Zhao representing both parties.

IMB-1901 is a new class of antibacterial drug developed by Dr. Xuefu You and Dr. Yucheng Wang. The target of IMB-1901 is LpxC, a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of lipid A (a unique outer membrane component of G-bacteria). It is a LpxC inhibitor and mainly used for treatment G-resistant bacterial infections with increasingly severe clinical drug resistance.

The IMB and Yiling Pharmaceutical co., Ltd. have a profound cooperation basis. Due to the major demand of drugs regarding resistant bacteria prevention on national scale, both sides fully utilize superior resources to jointly develop this new antibacterial drug IMB-1901, which will provide effectiveness for clinical anti-infection treatment. The agreement is a significant improvement for both the IMB and Yiling Pharmaceutical co., LTD. This event will combine two sides more effectively and accelerate the development of new drugs.