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The Experimental Animal Center is supervised by the Animal Care and Welfare Committee of the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, CAMS & PUMC. In 2007, SPF-level barrier facilities were built up and Experimental Animal Use Permit was issued by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The Animal Center passed the on-site assessment by experts from the Beijing Administration Office of Laboratory Animal in 2012 and 2017 respectively and the current license number of Experimental Animal Use Permit for the center is SCXK-2017-0023. The center has been positioned as an institute-level technical support department since May 2020.

At present, there are seven staff members, including two associate professors, two assistant professors, and three technician fellows, in the center. The total space of the Animal Center is nearly 500 square meters, and the area for SPF-level animal housing and experiments is 300 square meters. The center is divided into SPF barrier facilities (positive pressure rooms) and ABSL-2 animal facilities (negative pressure rooms) housing rats, mice, nude mice, and genetically modified animals, as well as ordinary facilities housing guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. The center raises more than 30,000 experimental animals each year, mainly for researches on tumors, viruses, pharmacology and drug metabolism. All facilities are equipped with advanced automatic control systems, TV monitoring systems and network communication systems, which ensure the reliability of the invisible management of the facilities while facilitate the usage. The standardized operation of barrier facilities ensures the objectivity, accuracy and repeatability of animal experiments, providing favorable support for promoting the discovery and development of innovative drugs in the institute. The center also provides training on skills of animal experiments for graduate students and staff who are beginners in animal experiments. As an important teaching and research facility as well as a public service platform, the Animal Center provides tremendous support for the research teams and drug development projects of the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, CAMS & PUMC and cooperators.