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As a public service testing platform of the institute, the Analysis and Testing Center was established in 2010. Since its establishment, it has always been focusing on the development and transformation of testing technologies as well as providing testing services for the teachers and students of the institute. At present, the Analysis and Testing Center is equipped with a full range of diversified instruments and the technology sharing services have been fully developed.

The Analysis and Testing Center is mainly engaged in the professional research related to pharmaceutical analysis. Specifically, through the use of chemistry, biology, biophysics and microbiology technologies, the research on the qualitative and quantitative analysis and the quality control of drugs, as well as the development of new drugs, are conducted. A research team covering researchers in different professional fields, like pharmaceutical analysis, drug design, biophysics, biochemistry, and structural biology, has been formed. The main service areas of the Analysis and Testing Center mainly include routine drug testing, drug quality control, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine analysis, drug metabolism analysis, drug preparation analysis, protein drug research, QbD-based new drug research and development, and quality control in precision medicine.

According to the relevant requirements of the national drug research and review department for preclinical drug development, the Analysis and Testing center has fully introduced the “Quality by Design” concept of drug research and development, and gradually formed research features in the method development and quality standard research of new drug analysis, druggability evaluation, impurity profile research, and stability evaluation of drugs.

In recent years, the Analysis and Testing Center has undertaken a number of scientific research funds, such as the National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, CAMS Initiative for Innovative Medicine and “Research on Testing Methods of Related Substances in Amino Acid Raw Materials (17 Species)" Project supported by National Pharmacopoeia Committee. At present, the Analysis and Testing center has formed strengths in the area of quality research of innovative drugs and the pharmaceutical evaluation of generic drugs. In addition, a practical and standardized comprehensive drug quality research system has been established, and a number of key technology platforms for drug analysis and drug quality research have been constructed and improved.

The Analysis and Testing Center also pays attention to postgraduate teaching work. It offers theoretical and experimental teaching to the postgraduates by setting up the course "Detection Technologies in Microbiology and Biopharmaceutical Research and Development". Besides, the Analysis and Testing Center has undertaken the "pharmaceutical analysis" skills training for professional masters, with a view to conducting experimental skills training for professional masters and providing a practical platform for them.

The Analysis and Testing Center has established a strict quality management system. It has developed a variety of professional testing technologies and has actively provided extensive testing services and scientific research cooperation under the belief of "justice, truthfulness, honesty and ethics". As a member of the Capital Science and Technology Conditions Platform, the Analysis and Testing Center has provided efficient and high-quality analysis and research services for various scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.