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  • LI Yuhuan

    Antiviral pharmacology

  • LI Zhuorong

    Drug molecular design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship research and new drug developme...

  • LIU Mingliang

    Anti-infections; Anti-tumor; Drug Discovery

  • LIU Rui

    Mechanism research, drug discovery, and drug effect related to neurodegenerative disorders, cerebrov...

  • PENG Zonggen

    Name: Zong-Gen Peng, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor. Department: Laboratory of Antivir...

  • SHAO Rongguang

    Molecular pharmacology, pharmacy of microbiology and biotechnology

  • SI Shuyi

    Study on the discovery of novel antibiotics and anti-atherosclerotic agents

  • SONG Danqing

    Chemistry and chemobiological studies on anti-infective, anti-tumor and anti-metabolic Drugs

  • SUN Chenghang

    Prospecting of pharmaceutical actinobacteria from extreme environments and discovery of novel antibi...

  • WANG Yanxiang

    Chemical Biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology