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  • WANG Juxian

    Medicinal Chemistry,Organic Chemistry

  • WANG Lulu

    Name:WANG Lulu Department:Virology Tel: (8610)13621284066 Email: Educati...

  • WANG Yucheng

    Medicinal Chemistry

  • WANG Zhen

    Molecular mechanisms underlying cancer and bone diseases, and drug discovery, development and treatm...

  • XIE Yunying

    The discovery of microbial drugs against infection, tumor and hyperlipemia

  • XU Yanni

    Discovery of new target and lead compound for treating atherosclerosis

  • XIA Guimin

    Nano delivery system and sustained and controlled-release preparations.

  • YANG Xinyi

    1) Pharmacodynamics/molecular mechanisms of new antimicrobials for treatment of bacterial infections...

  • YANG Zhaoyong

    Structural Biology; Computational Chemistry

  • YOU Xuefu

    Pharmacological study of antimicrobial agents and mechanisms of bacterial resistance