Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy —— Microbiology

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  • Zhang Zhuan

    Name:Zhang Zhuan Department:Microbial metabolic engineering Laboratory Tel: (86)13661784825 Ema...

  • GUO Zhengyan

    Discovery and biosynthesis for microbial bioactive molecules

  • ZHANG Yuqin

    1. Novel microbial resources from various environments 2. Co-evolutionary relationships between mic...

  • YU Liyan

    Microbial resource, Research & development of anti-infective drugs

  • YANG Zhaoyong

    Structural Biology; Computational Chemistry

  • SI Shuyi

    Study on the discovery of novel antibiotics and anti-atherosclerotic agents

  • HONG Bin

    Synthetic biology, Drug discovery and development

  • HE Haiyan

    Total biosynthesis of synthetic drugs and biocatalysis

  • GAN Maoluo

    Microbial natural product chemistry

  • CHE Yongsheng

    Discovery and generation of microbial drug leads using hypothesis-driven rational approach.

  • CEN Shan

    Virus host interaction, antiviral innate immunity and antiviral drugs

  • BAI Liping

    Microbial products, Synthetic biology